In this course, you will learn...

  • The benefits of physical activity (other than losing weight)

  • The core tenants of exercise: including strength training, aerobic activity, flexibility & mobility, and timing

  • Why quality is greater than quantity

Materials Included

  • The Science of Exercise

    You’ve heard “exercise is good for you,” but why? No need to wonder anymore. We brought together the science for you, because we know that true motivation is a simple as understanding the “why” behind well-meaning advice. Exercise IS good for you, and here’s why, from where to start, timing and quality, the relationship to hormones, and weight loss.

Bonus Topics!

The more the merrier, in our opinion! We threw in some bonus topics to give you the best foundation possible.

  • Water & Electrolytes

    How much water do you really need to function at your best? What ARE electrolytes, where can you get them, and what do they actually do in your body? Find out here!