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    Learn easy, realistic, manageable ways and to improve your health and change your life! Every cell in your body is made up of​ the foods you eat, so even the smallest changes can add up to big results in your health!

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    When you eat whole, nutrient-dense foods, you feel like the best version of yourself. You’re inspired to exercise, you sleep soundly, and you’re motivated to build on your success moving forward!

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    Learn easy, sustainable ways to minimize the clutter in your kitchen, pantry, and life. Managing stress will help you maintain physical, mental, and emotional health!

Welcome to Your New Nutrition Masterclasses!

Ready to make the next step towards better health?

We’ve got you covered! Two food-obsessed doctors put their heads together to design holistic, science-based online courses aimed to help others live healthier lives for the long haul. Dr. Vincent Esposito and Dr. Kali Olsen aim to empower others to gain control of their own health! By taking a holistic, science-based approach to encourage and empower people to make simple, healthy choices we believe this can have powerful effects on their long-term health!

Chock full of video lectures, grocery store survival handouts, easy recipes, food swaps, the science of why quality foods matter, and shopping guides, we’ve got masterclass bundles designed for wherever you are in your health journey.

Our goal is to improve the health of as many people as possible, while inspiring conversation about health and wellness.  We aim to take research and make it digestible and actionable for everyone.

Diets are tough. We believe healthy living should be easy and enjoyable.  

Brought to you by əvōk health and The Art of Eating Podcast, join the masterclasses today to learn realistic, manageable ways and to improve your health and change your life! Not sure what we’re all about yet? Try the first section of our starter class free!

What Our Courses Have to Offer

Each masterclass package contains a different assortment of tips, tricks, handouts, and video lectures. We offer different bundles based on your individual needs, or you can get the whole set for a discounted price!

  • Our Best Guidelines for Getting Started

    Chock full of our very best tips and tricks, this is everything you need to create a solid foundation. Everything from changing your perspective on food, to changing your behavior, to the basics of eating real foods and avoiding common offenders, to hacking your sleep and picking the right protein for you. When it comes to creating your new, best health habits, we cover it all. These strategies are in nearly all of our packages.

  • Video Lectures

    We talk you through different health topics and make them easy to understand so you can use the information in your own life. We cover subjects like what proteins and fats actually are, how simple sugars can affect your health, how you can revamp your kitchen pantry, why diets fail and lifestyle changes are the key to health success, the human evolution and diet-disease connection, shopping tips, and cooking techniques, and more!

  • Shopping List

    Confused in the vegetable aisle about what to get? Unsure of which oil you should be swapping out for cooking? Our easy-to-take-with-you list will be your go-to reference when grabbing your groceries, with everything from protein to flour to the best spice options!

  • Helpful Handouts

    We've created easy to understand, vibrant handouts loaded with our best advice to help you on your health journey. From one page, easy-to-carry shopping lists, to recipes, and pages of our best tips and tricks, these handouts are designed to help you succeed.

  • Recipe Guide eBook

    Got the basics down, but not sure where to start with your actual meals? We’ve got you covered! Our eBook has over 20 simple, healthy recipes for you to start whipping up today.

  • Food Diary Guide

    Hold yourself accountable by taking a good look at what you’re putting into your body every day! Easily track your progress and results using this simple but powerful tool! This easy-to-use (and easy on the eyes) diary will be your secret weapon to getting REAL results.

Topics Covered

From the basics of what makes up a food to food allergies and exercise, we've got a lecture for all your nutrition questions.

  • The Science Behind Why Diets Fail

    Diets don’t work. Period. But lifestyle changes? That’s where the magic happens. We’ll walk you through what our eating habits has to do with inflammation andwhat whole foods are. We also highlight the importance of human evolution, and what this has to do with the diet-disease connection.

  • Animal Products, Fats, & Insulin

    All fats are not created equal, and choosing the right ones are essential for feeling (and looking!) your best. Knowing which animal products to grab and what to say no to is the difference between giving your body quality protein to work with, and adding flame to the inflammation fire. And inflammation? The BFF of disease. We also breakdown how all this affects your blood sugar and things like insulin.

  • Revamping Your Pantry

    Knowing what to stock your kitchen with isn’t easy, especially when your old favorites have all landed in the “not to great for me” pile. But what can you use instead? Don’t worry, we’ve got answers for you. We’d like to introduce you to all your new favorites, from flour to sweeteners.

  • Shopping Tips & Cooking Techniques

    Find our best tips and tricks for the kitchen here. In this section, we cover the basics of food prep, shopping smart, and the skinny on cooking techniques we use every day with our own patients.

  • Pesticides, Additives, and Sugar

    Have you heard these things are “bad,” but have no clue why? Grab a seat, we’ll break it down for you, and explain what you can do about it.

  • Intolerances and Allergies

    What exactly is an allergy, and how does it happen? And what’s the deal with lactose intolerance (which isn’t actually an allergy at all)? From the difference between food allergies vs. sensitivities, to the most common food allergies, we’re going to shed light on this misunderstood topic.

  • Carbs, Proteins, and Fats

    We dive deep to cover what they are, how they affect your body, and why certain types have gotten a bad rap. For vegetarians, vegans, and meat-eaters alike, we get into the different types and choices available so you can make your next meal with science on your side.

  • Vitamins and Minerals

    What are they? What foods are they in? And, most importantly, how much should you be getting? We go through a detailed list of minerals (let’s talk zinc and copper!), vitamins, and how to put all this information together.

  • The Science of Exercise

    You’ve heard “exercise is good for you,” but why? No need to wonder anymore. We brought together the science for you, because we know that true motivation is a simple as understanding the “why” behind well-meaning​ advice. Exercise IS good for you, and here’s why, from where to start, timing and quality, the relationship to hormones, and weight loss.

  • Water & Electrolytes

    How much water do you really need to function at your best? What ARE electrolytes, where can you get them, and what do they actually do in your body? Find out here!

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  • Do I have access to my courses long-term?

    Yes! Once you purchase a course, you will have indefinite access. This way, if you forget something or want to refer back to it, you can simply do so on your own time.

  • What if I can't make the live Q&A?

    That's fine! Each Q&A will be recorded and be sent out to the entire group each week! Even if you forget something or want to go back and look at each session, you will have an opportunity to do so.

  • What if you don't get to my question during the Q&A?

    You will have access to me throughout the course via email. So, if you I can't get to a question and time runs out, or something comes up during the middle of the week and you do not want to wait until the next session, feel free to shoot me an email!

  • How do I know if I am a good fit for this program?

    If you are motivated, diligent, and committed to improving your own health, then you are in the right place! If you are willing to stick to the guidelines the course provides and be proactive in your own health, you will see results throughout the length of this program! I would love to be a part of your health story!

  • How does the course work?

    Each week's lesson will have an overarching theme. With each lesson, there will be a small checklist of questions to answer to help you implement new changes each week in light of what you have learned from that week's lesson. Later on in the week, a scheduled Q&A session will go live to answer any questions you may have.


We have taken our combined knowledge and have compiled as much as we could into a series of courses that will hopefully make a difference in the lives of many.  We love what we do for a living, but it doesn’t mean anything unless others incorporate the principles outlined in these courses!  Thank you for taking the time and investing it into your own health.  Without you, what we do means nothing. 

Share your successes with others as well!  Whether it is with friends, family, coworkers, or someone who has struggled with their help, they can definitely benefit from the things you have learned up to this point.  By helping others reach their potential, we can all work together to make the world a better place.  

- Dr. Vincent Esposito & Dr. Kali Olsen