In this course, you will learn...

  • What carbohydrates are, and their role in insulin resistance and diabetes.

  • Which carbohydrates are good for your own health.

  • The detrimental effects of refined carbohydrates.

  • The skinny on fats and how they are metabolized.

  • What healthy fat choices you should be making.

  • Protein and its role from a historical perspective.

  • What proteins are best for you (including vegan options)!

  • What to look out for when you are purchasing animal products.

Materials Included

  • Our Best Guidelines for Getting Started

    Chock full of our very best tips and tricks, this is everything you need to create a solid foundation. Everything from changing your perspective on food, to changing your behavior, to the basics of eating real foods and avoiding common offenders, to hacking your sleep and picking the right protein for you. When it comes to creating your new, best health habits, we cover it all. These strategies are in nearly all of our packages.

  • Carbs, Proteins, and Fats

    We dive deep to cover what they are, how they affect your body, and why certain types have gotten a bad rap. For vegetarians, vegans, and meat-eaters alike, we get into the different types and choices available so you can make your next meal with science on your side.

Bonus Topics!

The more the merrier, in our opinion! We threw in some bonus topics to give you the best foundation possible!

  • Animal Products, Fats, & Insulin

    All fats are not created equal, and choosing the right ones are essential for feeling (and looking!) your best. Knowing which animal products to grab and what to say no to is the difference between giving your body quality protein to work with, and adding flame to the inflammation fire. And inflammation? The BFF of disease. We also breakdown how all this affects your blood sugar and things like insulin.